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far, far from breaking!

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

I was employed by promising company. 5 months past and i can’t stand up.
I can’t simple close my eyes and think that after 2 years i will be in the same place, work in the same company, share my flat with the same persons. Even, if I really like these things, I’m so scared not to make another moves.

Travelling, making unexpected (usually stupid) things…yeah, that is what keeps me free. My blood circulates faster and wanna blow up my vains. That’s how I really wanna live. On the edge, somewhere between rise and fall. And I know that my mom will ask me again and again (and she did it like 1000 times), why I can’t grow up and establish my life..

Oh mom, I’m so far, far from breaking!

So, I quit my job. Packed my bags and moved out from this wonderful city from Poland called Wrocław. Just to move somewhere. Discover new places and different cultures. Meet people, give something them, and get something back. Just to extend outlook on my own life.
And yeah! I got new destination, Lisbon! Olá amigos!

PS. Perhaps, in this post there are more words than in all futured together. I hope those words above describe what you can expect to find here. Just keep in mind that pictures will describe here more than any words.

PPS. Jakub Gustak, my comrade who moved with me to Portugal, took the picture of me which is used as a header on the top of this blog. He did it in Paris during our trip between Wrocław and Lisbon.
Check his photoblog out!

far,  fa r    f  r  o  m   b r e a k i n g !