July, 2009

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Portuguese lifestyle

Monday, July 20th, 2009

In this day, there was a first music show which I wanted to attend in Portugal. I woke up about 12 pm, went out for shopping about 1pm and got a text message from my friend like “don’t forget – the show is starting at 2 pm!”. I was pretty sure that he is just joking, so I made a phonecall to him and huh, the show was really set at 2 pm.
I’ve been going to shows for many years and already been in most part of Europe and to be honest, shows start somewhere between 7-10 pm. So it was like a shock for me but what could I did? I went there…

There were like 200-250 kids there and I was completely suprised. Noone was complaining! The gig was nice but then I realized the reason why the show was so early. Benfica and Sporting were playing at 7 pm and show booker wanted to allow people to go and support their football teams. That was something really amazing for me, how people can schedule their time with football priority. Well, Portuguese can! This is what I can call a commitment.

And the funny thing was, that right after a match was finished, the second show was started!

PS. Even if I support Sporting Lisboa, they lost the game..
PPS. For more pictures from shows check out my website – http://www.allxages.com
PPPS. Shortly, you can expect an essay about portuguese football…


Reaching Hand during their show (before the game)


Sporting Lisboa fan and stadium (second picture is taken by my compact camera means low quality)


Adorno during their show (after the game)

A friendship is over – the bridge is burnt

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

My best and closest friend ever is gone. I got the news last night and still can’t really believe it. We were like sticky stickers. A person for the best and the worst.

With my emotional roller coaster, she was like a bridge to my daily life. I don’t know how I will handle it without her. She was like my last hope that tomorrow will be a better day. No, it won’t.

I feel so bad that we had to split our paths.


If only I could put into words
The way I feel
Telling myself the situation’s not real
Lost and sometimes I feel
I have nowhere to go
Because you tell me it’s wrong
To let my feelings show
I’ve lost my place to turn
I know I fucked it up
I turned away
One too many times
Suffered from an ego trip
That left me fucking blind
Friends are telling me
The loneliness will go away
But the memories will be there
As long as
The ink in my fingers stays
I choose to stay away
Because I want to keep control
My head is thinking straight
But my heart says explode
The thought of someone else
Is much too much
And friendship means
You’re just beyond my touch

One love. 4.07.2009