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Last Night in Lisbon was m*a*g*i*c

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

It happened just before I left Portugal 3 weeks ago. Ricardo, my friend, invited me to his place to stay for a night. And it was a magic night!
Hours of talk, listening to vinyls, watching hundreds of photographies. Just gettin’ high, yaknow?

Ricardo is a great photographer. I warmly invite you to check out his website!

He is flying to the NYC tomorrow and I will meet him there in next 2 weeks. We have some shared plans there. Wish us luck!

Last Night in Lisbon

Last Night in Lisbon

Last Night in Lisbon

Last Night in Lisbon

Last Night in Lisbon

The most magic song from the night: Smashing Pumpkins – Disarm

Thank you, Ricardo. For everything. And have a nice time in the States!

The Surfers

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Portuguese, Spanishe, Italian, French, Belgium, German, Swedish, Polish…it DOESN’T matter.
It’s all about surfing.

I met all these nationalities during my last time in Peniche, Portugal.
Good waves and good vibe. Can’t complain. Will have to go back in the winter.

July 2011

The Surfers

The Surfers

The Surfers

The Surfers

The Surfers

The Surfers

The Surfers

The Surfers

2011 is the year!

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

How do they say? Ah, Happy New Year! Yeah, we are heading for 2011..

[…Here, I removed few paragraphs about my story from one of the past New Year’s Eves which basically have been crushing myself since that time. I decided to remove it and keep it to myself as it’s a quite good story to complain about life and I want to complain from time to time, so…the Internet has to live without it…]

Anyway, just for a short sum up…
I planned to spend a New Year’s Eve in Asia a year ago. More or less I was sure it would be my first New Year’s Eve celebration alone since…ever? Anyway, it has never happened because.. all the 2010 was crap. It was crap to this point that I didn’t go to Asia then and (oh irony!) I spent this New Year’s Eve alone. A short difference is that I spent it in Poland and it wasn’t planned. This shows you how shitty 2010 was for me. And in fact, it digged me to the last day.

So, 2010 was a bad year. The worst thing was, I was balancing between good and bad moods. Between good and bad experiences etc. Fortunately, two or three months ago I realized that as shitty the 2010 is and I have started to prepare for an upcoming year…the 2011. And here we are today! I have already planned some travels and other stuff and I’m really looking forward to experience the 2011. This is my year. I truly believe in it!

As it’s a new year, I received some wishes…funny thing is most of them was about photography. So, let me make it upside down. This time there is no photo included. But..I have promised myself, I will start to upload stuff regularly! I promise…once again…but this is the 2011…it must be a good year! As 2011 is the year!

All the best.

Martial Arts – I like

Friday, August 27th, 2010

I would click ‘like’ on Facebook if it goes about martial arts. Capoeira for this time.










Portuguese lifestyle

Monday, July 20th, 2009

In this day, there was a first music show which I wanted to attend in Portugal. I woke up about 12 pm, went out for shopping about 1pm and got a text message from my friend like “don’t forget – the show is starting at 2 pm!”. I was pretty sure that he is just joking, so I made a phonecall to him and huh, the show was really set at 2 pm.
I’ve been going to shows for many years and already been in most part of Europe and to be honest, shows start somewhere between 7-10 pm. So it was like a shock for me but what could I did? I went there…

There were like 200-250 kids there and I was completely suprised. Noone was complaining! The gig was nice but then I realized the reason why the show was so early. Benfica and Sporting were playing at 7 pm and show booker wanted to allow people to go and support their football teams. That was something really amazing for me, how people can schedule their time with football priority. Well, Portuguese can! This is what I can call a commitment.

And the funny thing was, that right after a match was finished, the second show was started!

PS. Even if I support Sporting Lisboa, they lost the game..
PPS. For more pictures from shows check out my website –
PPPS. Shortly, you can expect an essay about portuguese football…


Reaching Hand during their show (before the game)


Sporting Lisboa fan and stadium (second picture is taken by my compact camera means low quality)


Adorno during their show (after the game)